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Digital Handheld Pulse Oximeter


Handheld Pulse Oximeter

The PEARL8 Pulse Oximeter with its new digital signal processing technology works reliably and can be used from neonate to adult.
It features a bright, crisp TFT display which is easily readable. With its integrated alarms the device allows for monitoring a patient.
The standard display can be set to three different modes: large numerical, numerical-waveform and numerical-trend.

• Patient monitoring
• Sleep apnea screening
• Spot checks

  • Reliable measurement of SpO2 and pulse rate
  • High quality and brilliant contrast TFT screen
  • Can be used on adults, children and neonates
  • Trend and waveform display on TFT screen
  • Adjustable alarm limits, visible and audible alarms
  • Saturation dependent pulse tone with adjustable volume
  • Infrared interface for thermal printer
  • Adjustable colour scheme (dark or light background)

Order Information

Delivery Order Number
P-200 SpO2 probe
(for adults)
2 AA Batteries
User Manual

Brochure in PDF Format

PEARL8 [148 KB]

Optional Accessories

PEARL SpO2 Probes Standard - and disposable SpO2 probes for Medlab pulse oximeters. Addtionally, we also offer extension cables for our SpO2 sensors.

Protection Protection rubber boots and bags for handheld - and desktop models.

Printer Thermal printer with infrared interface.

Fixation Attachement clamps to infusion poles and anesthesia rails.

Simulator Functional tester for Medlab pulse oximeters.