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Brochures and Catalogs

Download our complete catalog:

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Accessories: PEARL SpO2 Probes

Here, you can download [519 KB] our brochure for SpO2 probes.

Accessories: Blood Pressure Cuffs

Here you can download [470 KB] our brochure for NIBP cuffs.

Brochures and Manuals

You can find links to our brochures on the pages of the different devices. As a service to our customers, you can also find all the brochures in the following table, sorted by device and language.

Brochure for device:
VITROmap [130 KB]
P-OX100L [299 KB]
PEARL100L [313 KB]
CAP10 [162 KB]
VITRO [145 KB]
PEARL5 [145 KB]
PEARL8 [148 KB]

CE Certification

CE 0494

All our devices carry a CE mark.
They comply with all relevant harmonized standards as well as with the essential requirements of European Directive 93/42 EWG, annexe I.
The devices are CE marked in accordance to annexe II, clause 3 of the directive 93/42 EEC.
Please contact us if you need declarations of Conformity (DOC's) for individual products.

ISO13485 Certificate Annex II Certificate