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SpO2 Module with Optimized Artefact Suppression

  • Advanced signal processor technology with fourth generation algorithm and artefact suppression, recommended for neonates, infants, and adults
  • Algorithm: "PEARL"(**), Medlab’s new SpO2 technology
  • Lock-in based signal recovery down to a pulsation of 0.025 % (AC/DC ratio)
  • Complies with ISO 80601-2-61*
  • Data Processing: In the time domain
  • Small size of 55 x 31.5 mm, max. height 4 mm
  • Single power supply, 3.3 V DC, 90 mW for average finger thickness
  • High flexibility in interface protocols
  • Measures pulse rates from 30 - 250 bpm
  • Measures SpO2 from 0 .. 100 % (no accuracy stated for values less than 70 %)
  • Isolation kit according to ISO 80601-2-61, patient connection type BF available
  • Clinical validation data available to support certification and registrations of the final product

*See here for further explanation

** Pulse Enhancement Artefact Rejection Logic

Data Sheet

Download data sheet [62 KB] in PDF format.

Technical Manual

Technical Manual [685 KB] in PDF format

Evaluation Software

Test Software for evaluation of the PEARL200 board with full source code and compiled program in Visual Basic and Visual C#.

Download and extract into one directory:
Visual Basic 6.0, V1.51 [97 KB]
Visual C# .NET 2.0, V2.0.0.7 [177 KB]

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Test Kit:
PEARL 200 OEM Board
P-200 Finger Probe
Carrier Board
RS232 PC Cable
Evaluation software
PEARL 200 OEM Board
P-200 Finger Probe