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Six Channel EKG Module

  • Size: 40 x 21 mm
  • Power consumption: 75 mW at 3.3 V
  • Six lead EKG (4 electrodes)
  • Complies with 60601-2-27*
  • No patient isolation, intended for battery powered applications
  • Three lead cable can be used (1 channel displayed - I or II or III)
  • Four lead cable can be used (6 channels displayed - I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF)
  • Can display I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF
  • Detection and measurement of pulse: 30 - 248 bpm
  • Pulse: +- 1 %, +- 1 digit
  • Four amplification stages
  • Four curve transmission speeds
  • "Lead-Off" detection for each single electrode
  • Optionally simulated output of an EKG Trace
  • Pulse trigger output pin
  • Delay of pulse trigger to R-wave adjustable
  • Serial UART interface
  • Software interface compatible to EG05000

*See here for further explanation

Data Sheet

Download data sheet [47 KB] in PDF format.

Technical Manual

Download technical manual [220 KB] in PDF format (Version 1.01).

Evaluation Software

Test Software for evaluation of the EG04000 board with full source code and compiled program.

Download and extract into one directory:
Visual Basic 6.0, V1.2 [450 KB]
Visual C# .NET 2.0, V2.0.0.13 [291 KB]

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Test Kit:
EG04000 OEM Board
Carrier Board
4 lead ECG Cable
4 lead AAMI AMP Adapter PC/Power Cable
Evaluation Software
EG04000 OEM Board