Multiparameter Measurement

This module can be used to construct a patient monitor to be used from neonate to adult, while concentrating on housing, design and user interface. The MP01000 handles the complete interface to the patient, in a safe and certifiable way.

It features a 5 channel ECG, SpO2 measurement (SpO2, pulse rate, plethysmographic waveform, perfusion index), NIPB (oscillometric) and two temperature channels.


  • Advanced signal processor technology with digital filtering for all parameters
  • Small size (110 x 100 mm), maximum height 40 mm.
  • Single power supply (6-15 V DC), 900 mW (@7V, while NIBP not measuring)
  • Maximum power requirement 2800 mW, while NIBP measuring
  • Power down input, powers down the complete system
  • RS232 and TTL level serial asynchronous (UART) interface
  • CAN interface with user selectable bit rate and identifier addresses
  • Integrated patient isolation in accordance to IEC 60601
  • Integrated defibrillation protection for ECG and temperature
  • ECG
  • Monitors I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF and one chest lead with five lead cable
  • Measurement of pulse rate, range 30 – 249 bpm
  • User selectable curve transmission rate and amplification
  • Command selectable monitoring - or diagnostic bandwidth
  • Integrated pacemaker detection and lead-off detection for each electrode
  • Measurement of respiration rate over electrode impedance (optional)
  • Highly accurate isolated ECG trigger output
  • Complies with newest revision of 60601-2-27*
  • SPO2
  • Lock-in based signal recovery down to a pulsation of 0.05 % (AC / DC ratio)
  • Ultra low noise design for highest performance on centralized patients
  • Excellent suppression of artefacts, ambient light and electromagnetic disturbances
  • Transmits SpO2, pulse rate, plethysmographic waveform, perfusion index
  • Selectable transmission speed of waveform and averaging of SpO2
  • Complete line of re-usable and disposable probes available
  • Complies with newest revision of 80601-2-61*
  • NIBP
  • Purely oscillometric method, short measurement time
  • Redundant pressure sensor and pressure relieve valve for patient safety
  • Neonatal and adult modes
  • Transmission of pulse rate, systolic-, mean-, and diastolic pressure
  • User selectable automatic cyclic measurements
  • Clinically validated for adults and neonates
  • Complies with newest revision of 80601-2-30 and ISO81060-2*
  • Two independent channels, plus reference channel
  • Measuring range 25.0 °C up to 50.0 °C
  • Compatible with all YSI 400 Probes

*See here for further explanation

Data Sheet

Download data sheet [650 KB] in PDF format.

Technical Manual

Download technical manual (V 0.99) [556 KB] and quickstart-guide [338 KB] for testkit

Evaluation Software

Test Software for evaluation of the MP01000 board with full source code and compiled program in Visual C#.

Download and extract into one directory:
Visual C# .NET 2.0, V1.0.0.8 [348 KB]
Visual C# .NET 2.0, V2.1 [450 KB]

Order Information

Delivery Order Number
Test Kit:
MP01000 module
Interface PCB
Patient adapter PCB
ECG adapter for 5 lead cable
5 lead ECG cable
P-200 SpO2 probe
NIBP cuff, medium adult
NIBP hose with threaded connector
YSI 401 compatible temperature probe
9 pin DSUB RS232 cable
MP01000 OEM Board