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NIBScan NIBP OEM module

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Module

  • Size: 80 x 60 mm, Maximum Thickness 26 mm
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Power Supply: 5 - 15 Volts
  • Power Consumption: 3 W Measuring, 40 mW Standby
  • Oscillometric Method
  • Redundant Safety Circuit
  • Complies with 80601-2-30 and 81060-2*
  • Pulse: 30 - 230 bpm
  • Measuring range systolic pressure 25-280mmHg
  • Measuring range mean arterial pressure 15-260mmHg
  • Measuring range diastolic pressure 10-220mmHg
  • Measuring range systolic pressure 20-150mmHg (Neonatal mode)
  • Measuring range mean arterial pressure 10-130mmHg (Neonatal mode)
  • Measuring range diastolic pressure 5-110mmHg (Neonatal mode)
  • Serial Interface

*See here for further explanation

Data Sheet

Download data sheet [50 KB]

Technical Manual

Download technical manual (V 1.8) [274 KB] in PDF format.

Test Software

Test Software for evaluation of the NIBScan board, with full source code and compiled program in Visual Basic or Visual C#.

Download and extract into one directory:
Visual Basic 6.0, V1.01 [22 KB]
Visual C# .NET 2.0, V2.0.0.16 [261 KB]

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Test Kit:
NIBScan OEM Board (5-15V)
Connection/Power Module
RS232 PC Cable
Connection Hose and Standard Adult Cuff
Evaluation Software
NIBScan OEM Board